Galaxy Takers is a madcap sci-fi tabletop anime RPG!

Gather up your friends and dive into the world of Galaxy Takers, a sci-fi RPG inspired by Cowboy Bebop, Tenchi Muyo, Space Dandy, and Gundam. Galaxy Takers is currently in development. The first oneshot campaign, OVA 1:AS in Kaledo.

Play as one of 9 mercenaries and discover the secrets of the Kaledo system!

In OVA 1: AS in Kaledo a ragtag group of mercenaries are assembled by AlphaSoft for a mission to the Kaledo system. Things are not exactly right on every world of the system. Shifting tidal forces, illogical orbits, and a bunch of new space stations and colonies popping up in minutes or hours.

Play a jaded magical girl who’s seen too much, a horrifyingly cute creature with checkered past, a brash know-nothing bounty hunter with style, or a imperial princess with nature-tech powers.

This oneshot campaign is currently in development and we need players! Are  you up to save the system? Save the galaxy?!

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Galaxy Takers runs on a custom D6 system. Players can collaborate with game masters to build their own custom character archetype and flesh the character out with skills and tricks. The game is meant to be lighter and emphasize dialog and spectacle, over strategy.

The game features a warp mechanic that lets player get rewarded for creative play and allow them to fiddle with the space-time continuum. A trick system to tailor unique attacks to different playstyles.

Like other many other D6 systems this game features a wild die that allows critical misses and hits to turn into role playing opportunities.

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