Flipology is a game of flipping animals published by Cheeky Parrot Games.

Flipology is Rachel Reilly's first published game. The game was designed and playtested over several years. In August 2018 Rachel pitched the game to Cheeky Parrot Games and partnered with them to bring the game to the world!

The game was improved, tweaked, and iterated over several months. Tim Kings-Lynne was signed on to beautifully bring the game to life!

Flipology is a fast casual game that takes up to 8 players!

Players begin the game by building a row of face-down cards. During their turn players can flip cards up to activate effects.

There are many animals to choose from. Use Dogs to flip adjacent cards! Moles can steal opponent’s cards. Hawks can target and flip cards outside their row. Or you can use exotic animals to score raw points. There are 27 animals in total! Additionally there are environment card that could drastically change the way you play!

Flipology has two play variants: Nature a quick game for up to 8 players and the Great Tree a longer variant for more advanced players.

The game is available for worldwide preorder at SchilMil Games. It will be available at select retail locations in Winter 2019.