Dog 4 Media is launchpad for game designer and creative collaborator Rachel Reilly.

I have always had a life long passion for games. Beginning as a hobby in my teenage years, I have taught myself the mechanics of game design. In college, I slowly built a repertoire of game concepts and designs while studying to get my Bachelors of the Arts in Sociology.

Through many years I have refined my game design methodology and style. My first finished game, Flipology, will be published by Cheeky Parrot Games in Winter 2019!

In my free time I can be found cooking up classic American food , reading classic fiction, traveling all around the New York State (and the world), and playing lots and lots of games!

Dog 4 Media will be the one-stop destination for all of my upcoming games and projects!

To learn more about me, follow me on social media or e-mail me: